Irrigation Installation

Residential Irrigation Installation, Ruston, LA Every homeowner wants a healthy, lush, and beautiful lawn and garden. While improving curb appeal and increased value is natural results, making your outdoor space more enjoyable is the greatest of benefits. You cannot sustain a great lawn or yard without installing a reliable irrigation system.

We at Lawn Works of LA are fully licensed and equipped to install different types of landscape irrigation systems including lawn sprinklers, drip irrigation, and other customized systems. Well-planned and professionally installed irrigation systems are essential for the long-term sustenance and well-being of your lawn and garden.

Benefits of Irrigation System Installation

The modern busy lifestyle means that most homeowners don’t have the time or energy to take care of their lawns. When it comes to your lawn, plants, and trees, you cannot take things for granted. Ensuring proper and timely watering is a must. Some of the most obvious benefits of installing a sprinkler system are as follows:

  • Maintaining a Healthy Lawn: The installation of the right-sized and type of sprinkler system gets your lawn through the dry spells between rainfalls.
  • Time Savings: There will no longer be the need to pull hoses around the lawn or yard.
  • Proper Water Coverage: An automated system can be set to start and stop at the right time ensuring proper water coverage.

Designing Irrigation System

Our process begins with sending our expert irrigator to your home for a consultation. During this phase, the following steps will be taken:

  • Inspection of your property
  • Outlining the basic requirements
  • Reviewing key factors

The designing process will focus on ensuring proper coverage and achieving water conservation. The planning phase will help ensure the right placement and combination of spray heads and rotor heads are made. This will ensure focused watering where it is exactly required and preventing wastage.

We consider the following elements when designing your system:

  • Type and shape of your lawn
  • Size of each flower bed or garden
  • Type of landscape and design
  • Size of the landscape and lawn
  • Soil type
  • Water requirements

Installation Services

Lawn Sprinkler Systems

There is a simple principle to lawn irrigation – your lawn will look only as good as your sprinkler system allows it to be. So, you cannot afford to have a poorly designed system. We design and install a customized landscape and lawn watering system for homes throughout the Ruston, LA, and surrounding regions.

Each irrigation system is designed around the unique needs, parameters, and features of our client’s properties. This ensures the achievement of optimal effectiveness and efficiency, resulting in client satisfaction. Our certified technicians will install the complete system and set the water timers, spray heads, nozzles, and spray direction for optimized efficiency.

Drip Irrigation Systems

Proper installation of a drip irrigation system provides a highly efficient way of delivering water to the roots. We will install a series of hoses under the soil. The water is dispensed at a gradual pace, directly reaching the base of the plant. This system helps in reducing evaporation.

  • Water emitters of different sizes are installed for different plants and flowers
  • Tailored drip irrigation systems are created for different species
  • It helps in preventing disease and pests that like to spread or breed on damp leaves
  • We design and install systems that have water.

Hire Professional Residential Irrigation Installation Services

At Lawn Works of LA, we design your custom irrigation system to be reliable and sustainable. Our technicians create systems that reduce water runoffs, improve drainage, and optimize water retention. The water flow is adjusted to meet the unique needs of shrubs, flowers, grass, and tree species. We use the latest and environment-friendly components for all our installations.

For more information about our irrigation system services contact us today. You may call us at (318)-547-3443 or send us a detailed inquiry using this Online Form.