Residential Fertilizing, Ruston, LA Achieving a healthy and beautiful lawn requires much more than aesthetic maintenance. Plants, trees, flower beds, and grass need nutrients that bring the best out of them. Lack of proper fertilization will create a lawn that is thin, vulnerable to various disease and insect threats, and likely to suffer from weed problems. In suburban and urban environments such as those in Ruston, LA, nutrient deficiencies can occur without manual intervention. At Lawn Works of LA, we provide fertilizing services for homeowners throughout the region to help you own a beautiful and lush lawn that lasts longer.

Professional Landscape Fertilization Services

It is a common practice to remove fallen leaves. While this helps in keeping your landscape neat and clean, it also removes the natural nutrient source of your plants and trees. This causes the vegetation to compete for limited nutrients and water. When this limiting factor combines with stress from root space infringement, compacted soils, and drought, it can cause many health problems.

Our crew of licensed professionals has years of experience in caring for all the different plant varieties found in northern Louisiana. We have developed our fertilizing services to address various issues at the root and to promote healthy growth. The combination of our vast and specialized knowledge with quality products creates solutions that keep your lawn looking its best.

We use safe and phosphorus-free fertilizers. Our experts ensure that any fertilizer pellets on your driveway or sidewalks are blown off after application. We take all the following factors into account when selecting the perfect fertilizer formula for your lawn:

  • Soil condition
  • Plant and tree species
  • Plant and tree health, age, and location
  • Stress conditions
  • Weather conditions

Once we have determined the right fertilizers, our arborists will determine the optimal application intervals.

Organic Soil Enhancer

We also apply organic soil enhancers based on our evaluation of the key factors. Typically, these products are beneficial for ornamentals and trees that get deprived of organic matter. As already mentioned, regular cleanup of fallen leaves is a common cause of organic matter deprivation.

High-quality organic soil enhancers offer the following benefits:

  • It helps proper establishment of organic matter in the soil
  • It supplies carbon-rich organic matter
  • The organic matter is available in a usable and constructive form for plants and microorganisms in the soil
  • It helps in renewing soil, especially after some major project

Fertilization helps strengthen the root structure and improves water retention and durability. Weed control comes as an additional benefit. As the plants and grass become healthier and thicker, weed growth is discouraged. Both newly planted and established trees need timely and adequate fertilization to overcome various types of stress.

Hire Professional Fertilization Services

We at Lawn Works of LA have been providing landscape fertilization services in Ruston, LA, for years. Our profile as a full-service landscape provider gives us a unique edge.

If you need more information about our services, feel free to call us today at (318) 547-3443. You may also send us your detailed inquiry using our Contact Us form.