Water, oxygen, and fertilizers are the most important components for maintaining a healthy lawn. For homeowners, lawn care can be a big hassle and take up much of your spare time. It involves so much industry knowledge and requires so much experience that most people cannot keep up with it. Aeration is among the most complicated lawn care functions and it is best left to the professionals.

Residential Aerating, Ruston, LA At Lawn Works of LA, we provide total landscape care and maintenance services throughout Ruston, LA, and the surrounding region. We offer professional lawn aeration services that offer a wide range of benefits to your landscape, including:

  • Reduced water run-off
  • Improved water intake
  • Reduced puddling
  • Strengthens grassroots
  • Improves lawn’s stress tolerance to droughts and heat
  • Improves lawn’s resilience

Our aeration services help create a healthier and thicker lawn.

Need for Professional Lawn Aeration

As already mentioned, aeration is a complex process, and most people don’t even understand its working and its need for their lawn. It must be done at the right time, the right way, and using the right type of aerator. This is where our professional aeration services come into the picture.

What is Lawn Aeration?

There are 2 common types of aeration – Spike and Core aeration. Both involve the creation of small holes in the lawn to enter the lower roots of the grass.

  • Core Aeration: This involves pulling out cylinder plugs, causing decompaction of the underlying soil.
  • Spike Aeration: It follows a similar process, but without the removal of soil or grass. It uses spikes for the small holes, thus getting its unique
  • name.

The process helps improve the roots’ exposure to various essential elements. It breaks up compacted soil to allow the nutrients to penetrate and reach the root area. Compacted soil is a common problem and can cause various problems including unhealthy roots. Some of the common causes of lawn compaction include:

  • Hard clay soil
  • Poor maintenance
  • Heavy foot traffic

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

Aeration helps promote a healthier lawn. Some of the main reasons for seeking our professional lawn aeration services are as follows:

  • Create space for re-growth of microfauna and flora
  • More water, oxygen, and nutrients flow to the roots
  • Promote better grass growth
  • Improve soil permeability for effective water drainage

Aeration also creates space for the small organisms that are part of your lawn’s ecosystem.

Our Lawn Aeration Services

The lawn care experts at Lawn Works of LA suggest aerating your yard at least once a year. The best time is when the grass is not being stressed by the hot climate. You should also avoid the early morning frosts.

Typically, we will aerate a lawn in the early-mid fall or mid-late spring. The weather and climate both affect the choice of time. We are fully licensed and certified to provide our lawn care services in Ruston, LA, and the surrounding areas. We offer specialized residential and commercial lawn care and maintenance services to our clients.

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