Landscaping Services in Ruston, LA

Landscaping, Ruston, LA Lawnworks of LA is a full-service landscaping company that offers services to residential and commercial clients throughout Ruston, LA. Our team has skilled and experienced landscape designers and installers to create the most stunning outdoor spaces on our clients' properties. We are committed to providing top-notch solutions, offer personalized attention and customized services.

We create unique plans and layouts that highlight your property, adding to its curb appeal and value. In addition to designing and installing landscapes, we also offer the best weed control and fertilization services that help maintain your property’s sustainability and appeal.

Designing and Installing

As a company that offers comprehensive landscaping solutions, we handle the design and installation of hardscapes and softscapes. Our landscape designers are skilled and creative. They make sure that the plans and layout align with your needs so you get functional and attractive outdoor spaces that will be pleasurable to use. We install driveways, walkways, patios, decks, poolscapes, and more.

Our team will help you select ideal plantings and grasses for your lawn. We use the best products, materials, and supplies in our work, so you get superb landscapes that also last long. Our seasoned paver installers, stonemasons, and concreting specialists can install different types of outdoor structures to industry standards. We cover all our work with guarantees.

Controlling Weeds

Most property owners find it difficult to control the growth of weeds in flowerbeds, lawns, and other areas. The seeds of these invasive plants are light and spread quickly with the wind into various landscape areas. While many people try using store-bought weed control products, these are not effective in permanently getting rid of the weeds. We offer professional, effective weed control solutions to residential and commercial clients.

These solutions are typically part of a larger landscape maintenance plan, and we schedule them accordingly. We use suitable products that are effective not just in the short term but also in the long term. We use pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control products in the right measure, depending on the types of weeds growing in your landscape.

Irrigation Installation

Irrigation is a vital aspect of every landscape, big and small. All the living elements in your landscape, such as plants, shrubs, trees, flowers, and lawns, require water to survive. As skilled landscapers, we design and install the best landscape irrigation systems on our client's properties, and in new landscaping projects, irrigation is one of the first systems we install. If we handle your complete landscaping project, our team will ensure that all the plants and shrubs with similar watering needs are installed in the same zone.

This method simplifies the irrigation system design while helping you save water in the long term. We are focused on providing our clients excellent value for money and customized irrigation plans that include automatic sprinklers, drip irrigation, and soaker hoses. We can also install wind sensors and other automated devices to improve water and energy efficiency, saving you money over the years.

Expert Local Landscaping Company

We handle all types of landscape design and installation projects. Our team is skilled, creative, and professional, and we have the resources to handle all kinds of residential, commercial, and multi-family landscaping and landscape care jobs to industry standards. We offer superior quality services at cost-effective pricing, which sets us apart from other local landscaping companies in the region.

If you want high-quality landscaping services in Ruston, LA, please call Lawnworks of LA at 318-547-3443, or write to us through this Contact Us form. We are here to help with all your landscape designing and installation requirements.