Lawn Care Services in Jonesboro, LA

Lawn Care, Jonesboro, LA At Lawnworks of LA, we know the importance of regular landscape maintenance and care. Our company has been in this industry for decades, and in this time, we have handled a range of big and small landscaping jobs. We cater to residential and commercial clients in Jonesboro, LA, offering customized services that provide value. Our team can handle all lawn and landscape maintenance tasks, including mowing, removing leaves, etc.

Mowing Grass

Most residential and commercial properties with outdoor areas have lawns. The grass lends a fresh and green look to the space, but these installations need regular mowing. Grass grows steadily, and it doesn't take long for the lawn to look unkempt. Lawns that aren't mowed regularly will also harbor weeds and pests, making the space undesirable and unsafe for use. We offer reliable, timely, and cost-effective grass mowing services and handle projects of all shapes and sizes.

Our company offers comprehensive lawn care services, and these include mowing grass. Different grass species grow at different rates, and it's why we inspect the lawn before creating a mowing schedule. Our skilled team is knowledgeable and ensures that you get high-quality services every time you hire us. Mowing may seem like a simple enough task, but it's best to hire professionals for it.

Removing Leaves

During fall, trees and bushes shed their leaves, and the myriad colors and hues create a pretty sight in the landscape. However, there is a downside to having leaves strewn all around the lawns and other areas of your landscape. The leaves will ultimately rot, attracting insects and pests. While some property owners try to rake the leaves and remove them, it isn't easy to perform this task multiple times.

Large healthy trees shed a more significant number of leaves and removing them all can be challenging. We use leaf blowers and manual methods to gather and remove leaves before carting them to a local composting center. We make sure that your property is clear of all the leaves quickly and efficiently.


Fertilization is crucial for maintaining grass health. As skilled landscapers, we know that different grass varieties need specific fertilizers. It's why we assess the grass before determining which products would work best for it. Our company sources only the best organic fertilizer products, and this improves your turf's appearance and condition. We also follow precise schedules for fertilizer applications, ensuring your grass gets the regular nourishment it needs. However, fertilization is never a standalone service. Depending on the grass’ specific needs, we may also aerate the soil and mow the grass before fertilizing the soil.

There are many crucial tasks involved in maintaining the lawns on your property, and we are here to ensure that these features look great and remain healthy. We use high-quality organic fertilizers in our work and mow and maintain the grass regularly. This approach helps keep your lawn in excellent condition, giving you outdoor spaces that improve your property's beauty and value.

Professional Lawn Care Services

Lawn and landscape maintenance involve many tasks, and we can handle all these for you skillfully. Whether you need commercial lawn mowing or fertilizer applications for your residential lawn, we can help. We are prompt, professional, and offer competitively priced services, so you never have to think twice before hiring us for any landscape and lawn maintenance works.

If you want high-grade landscaping services in Jonesboro, please call Lawnworks of LA at 318-547-3443 or write to us through this Contact Us form. We are here to help with all your mowing, leaf removal, and other lawn care requirements.