Leaf Removal

The lawn around your commercial property acts as the face of your business for your customers, prospects, and the local community. At Lawn Works of LA, we know how important it is to have your landscape look its best. As a licensed landscaping company, we help you make your commercial property look great all year round through our landscape maintenance services that include leaf removal. Our services are available to commercial clients throughout Ruston and the surrounding areas.

Professional Leaf Removal Services

Commercial Leaf Removal, Ruston, LA Why break the rake when our crew of experienced and certified landscape maintenance experts can take care of all the leaves on your property. Our well-trained team can keep your commercial landscape looking its best during the fall. You or your in-house staff will not have to spend the entire weekend raking and removing leaves, only to repeat it the following week.

Our crew will use blowers and rakes to remove much more than leaves. We will also take care of various debris including limbs from all the planting areas on your landscape. All the turf areas will be blown to clear the leaves that get built up.

Environment-Friendly Leaf Removal Services

Once we have collected the leaves, they are treated in an environment-friendly way. They get composted before being reused as garden mix or topsoil. Our crew will efficiently move the leaves and vegetation debris into a leaf-mulching truck to ensure safe removal. They are directly transported to an eco-friendly composting facility. Once composted, it will be used for local use. This is one way we make an effort to stay ‘green’.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Leaf Removal Services

There are many reasons why commercial landscapes should use professional leaf removal and maintenance services:

Greater Efficiency

We have the right tools and a more knowledgeable crew to complete the job more efficiently and quickly. We will bring the following equipment to remove the leaves quickly and easily:

  • Blowers
  • Leaf vacuums
  • Rakes

Healthy Lawn Care Methods

It is normal for nonprofessionals to create massive clumps of leaves on the lawn. To most people, this may not seem to cause any harm to the turf. However, it will smother the grass under the clumps. Leaving the leaves for some time can also cause mold growth. This model can also spread through your lawn. Our crew uses healthy lawn care methods to ensure that your lawn stays safe during the entire leaf removal process.

Convenience is also a big reason for choosing professional leaf removal services. We at Lawn Works of LA provide total commercial lawn care services to our clients in Ruston, LA and the surrounding areas. Our experienced and well-trained lawn care team is dedicated to delivering quality maintenance services.

If you need to know more about the services we offer, give us a call today. We can be readily reached at (318)-547-3443. You may also write to us by filling this Online Form. Once we receive your message, our experts will revert as soon as possible.