Commercial Fertilizing, Ruston, LA Fertilizers are an important aspect of lawn and landscape care programs. Grass and plants need nutrition to grow and stay healthy, strong, and beautiful. Every commercial lawn is different and has its unique nutritional needs. We at Lawn Works of LA customize our fertilization services based on the specific needs of your commercial landscape and lawn. We develop effective fertilization programs for our clients using controlled-release and high-quality formulations containing essential nutrients.

Your turf is an investment, and its beauty and health reflect how serious you are about your business. We can develop unique lawn care programs to protect that investment while making your commercial property look its best all year round. Our services are available for our clients throughout Ruston, LA, and the surrounding areas.

Benefits of Professional Fertilization

There are many reasons why professional fertilization is required for a commercial landscape. The most important benefits are as follows:

  • Lush, thick, and healthy turf
  • Vibrant colors
  • Greater resistance to disease
  • Weed-free lawn
  • Beautiful lawn all year long

Our experienced and certified team is always committed in maintaining and protecting our clients’ landscape. Our uniformed crew will arrive in fully equipped vans while providing ongoing services.

Customized Fertilization Services

Once you sign-up for our fertilization plan, our certified specialists perform a lawn health analysis. We will develop a custom plan based on the findings and after identifying your lawn’s unique needs.

All our full-service lawn plans include fertilization as an essential part. We will use a slow-release formula that is installed at specific points during different seasons. The optimal application of these fertilizers will help stimulate and retain growth throughout the season.

Fertilization Process

Our fertilization process focuses on the following three key factors:

Proper Fertilizer Amounts

We will calculate the square footage of the lawn to determine how much fertilizer is needed. A greener and healthier lawn is achieved by using just the right amount of fertilizer required for your lawn.

Right Ingredients

As already mentioned, our lawn analysis will help us determine your lawn’s unique nutritional needs. There are different fertilizer formulations, each designed to address the unique needs of different types of lawns. Our certified experts will determine the best mix for your lawn. We will choose the right formulation comprising of the right percentages of potassium, nitrogen, and other ingredients.

Fertilization Schedule

Proper timing of fertilization is as important as the other factors for a healthy, green, and resilient commercial lawn.

  • We use controlled-release fertilizers that deliver just the right amount of quick-release nitrogen required for faster greening
  • A balance of nutrients is released into the soil at a gradual pace through microbial action over several weeks
  • This ensures a constant supply of nitrogen and other nutrients for your lawn

With decades of combined experience, we at Lawn Works of LA offer much more than fertilization services for your commercial landscape. If you have a business in Ruston or in the surrounding areas of Shreveport, Arcadia, Monroe, Jonesboro, or Claiborne, you will find us to be a trusted name in the landscaping business.

Do you want to know more about our lawn services? Get in touch with us today by giving us a call at (318)-547-3443. You may also visit our Contact Us page to check our business location or to send us a detailed inquiry. Our experts will reach you back at the earliest.