Caring for Trees and Shrubs

Maintaining a healthy, vibrant, and clean landscape gives you something beautiful to cherish. Adding value to your property and keeping your neighbors happy are supplementary benefits. Trees and shrubs are an integral part of any residential landscape. You cannot just leave them on their own. They must be cared for and well maintained. It is a job meant only for professional handling. At Lawn Works of LA, we offer full-service landscape maintenance services including caring for trees and shrubs.

Need for Professional Tree & Shrub Care

Residential Tree & Shrub Care, Ruston, LA Professional tree and shrub care are essential for promoting the health and beauty of all the elements of your landscape. Just like your turf, the trees and shrubs also need care, pruning, trimming, and fertilization to improve their longevity, health, and protection from weather, diseases, and pests.

A look at the foliage alone cannot tell you about the health of your trees and plants. A professional inspection by a qualified arborist is the only way to determine the condition of the greenery. Our crew of certified arborists and landscapers provide comprehensive tree and plant care in Ruston, LA, and the surrounding areas.

Some of the most important reasons for proper and timely landscape care include:

  • Ensuring that the trees and shrubs get the right amount of sunlight
  • The air circulation in and around the plants stay at the required levels
  • Prevent accidents caused by broken branches
  • Keep your lawn looking well-maintained and well-trimmed

Our Tree Care Services

We provide the following tree care services:

Trimming & Pruning

Pruning plays an important role in maintaining the beauty and health of your trees. Periodic pruning also increases safety by minimizing the risks of falling branches. Healthier trees mean preventing insect infestation or rotting.

Managing Tree Health

Our certified arborists will assess the unique health needs of your trees. We provide you a clear idea of your trees’ health through the examination of:

  • Soil compactness
  • Irrigation
  • Pest damage

Our professional crew identifies the causes of the issues before creating an action plan for treatment and continual care.

Shrub Maintenance

Shrubs need regular care to thrive. With proper and timely care, you will have an overgrown lawn. This further increases the risk of pathogen spread. It will also create favorable conditions for infestations. Our services include:

  • Ensuring proper planting & site selection
  • Removing undesirable plants
  • Burlapping for protection against various conditions
  • Timely pruning

Pruning Techniques

Before we prune or trim the shrubs, we will assess the plantings and the landscape. This is done to determine the pruning technique that will benefit the health of the shrubs and optimize their looks.

  • Thinning Shrubs: Selected branches are removed at the base to open the crown. This also keeps the shrub in the required size and optimizes light penetration. This technique also allows optimizing the growth of larger trunks and stems to make the shrubs look like small trees.
  • Shaping: The branches are ‘headed’ or cut back so that they meet another branch. The cut is maintained at an angle of 45 degrees.
New shoots can be trimmed back to half at the beginning of summer to allow branching at the base. All new growth is trimmed back again to half in the fall. The shrubs are then shaped by tapering the sides and flattening o rounding the top.

Our experts will also adjust nutrition and water to your landscape based on the weather and seasonable changes. Plants and trees need consistency, and this is where our services help make a difference.

Trust Experienced Tree & Shrub Care Professionals

Tree and shrub care is a complex process that is best left to the experts. We at Lawn Works of LA are the specialists in providing care to all kinds of shrubs and trees that form part of residential landscapes throughout Ruston, LA, and the surrounding areas.

If you need more information about our services, please give us a call. Reach us today at (318) 547-3443 or write to us through our Contact Us page.