Commercial Aerating, Ruston, LA Lawn aeration is an important part of maintenance. A commercial lawn undergoes regular treatment of mowing, watering, and edging. Eventually, the soil is going to get compressed which slows down the growth of new grass. This compression prevents roots from reaching the optimal depths. This hampers grass from accessing fresh fertilizers.

At Lawn Works of LA, our commercial aerating services keep your lawn in the optimal condition for the growth of grass. Aeration helps maintain your lawn’s health. Removing plugs of dirt and grass makes it easier for oxygen and fertilizer to enter the ground. Our services are available throughout Ruston, LA, and the surrounding areas.

Our Lawn Aeration Services

Heavy traffic and winter recovery are also common causes of soil compaction. The root zone can become devoid of air, nutrients, and water. The results can include unsightly patches, dead spots, and thinner turf. Our services can help address these issues. Our expert horticultural recommendations and assured results help ensure that you get the best value from your lawn maintenance budget.

Our proactive turf evaluation will also help in identifying potential problems before they become expensive to address. Our licensed and experienced lawn experts will take care that all steps are taken in compliance with the latest environmental regulations.

Types of Aeration

We can provide all the different types of aeration techniques to revive your lawn. This includes the following:

Core Aeration

This is the most used aeration technique. It is usually used on surfaces that have been heavily compacted. It will break up the soil and redistribute it. It involves the use of 2-inch to 3-inch cores being plugged into the turf and then removed after a few inches. The remaining soil is spread across the surface of the lawn. The holes will allow root growth by making access to nutrients and water easier.

Spike Aeration

Our certified crew will use spike aeration if your turf has not been heavily compacted. Some of the key features of this aeration technique are as follows:

  • Spikes are used to creating holes in your lawn
  • There is no removal of soil
  • The dirt is pushed deeper into the ground

We often recommend this form of aeration for our clients’ surfaces when access to the root system needs to be created before fertilization. It is also recommended before the lawn is prepared for over-seeding.

Liquid Aeration

Liquid aeration is gaining an increasing amount of popularity due to the new developments taking place in this area. The other two techniques are considered mechanical ones. This one works by creating microscopic pores in the soil that work like sponges. This allows greater absorption and retention of water. It is different from other methods in that it permeates everywhere and not just every few inches. It offers better improvements in water flow.

Hire a Licensed Commercial Aerating Service

We at Lawn Works of LA are a licensed commercial aerating service with years of experience in Ruston, LA, and the surrounding towns and cities. Our crew comprises specialized and certified aeration experts who keep upgrading their skills and knowledge through continual training.

If you need more information about our services, please give us a call today at (318)-547-3443. You may also write to us from our Contact Us page, where you can also check our business location.